Outdoor Kitchens
Is A well designed Outdoor Kitchen can be the perfect solution for a host who enjoys entertaining and cooking outdoors. We know from experience that when we entertain and serve food there is an enormous amount of gathering items and running around before our guests arrive. A properly designed Outdoor Kitchen can alleviate much of this activity and allow us to entertain and enjoy ourselves at the same time.

Desrosiers Interlocking Brick Paving, Inc can provide you with an Outdoor Kitchen constructed of Natural Stone, Landscape Wall Systems or Travertine among others. We can also install a kitchen on your existing patio.

When dreaming of your new Outdoor Kitchen, you should consider the following questions:

  • What kind of cooing will I do outdoors? How often?
  • What kind of entertaining will I do? Large groups or small?
  • Will we eat outdoors or bring the food back inside?
  • Will I need to move kitchen components or will I have them permanently installed?
  • What furniture will I have or do I have for the space?

Together, we can make your dreams of entertaining outside a reality. Call Desrosiers today to get started on your Outdoor Kitchen.

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