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Going Green with Permeable Pavers

Desrosiers Interlocking Brick Paving, Inc is proud to offer "Green" solutions to helping our troubled environment: Permeable Pavers, an Innovative System Designs to Prepare for the Future.

Drought, saltwater infiltration, surface pollution contaminating ground water, chemical fertilizers feeding algae blooms in our canals - do any of these stormwater challenges affect you? Permeable pavers, combined with an innovative base design, can help change stormwater problems into freshwater solutions.

Permeable paving surfaces keep the pollutants in place in the soil or other material underlying the pavers, and allow water seepage to groundwater recharge while preventing the stream erosion problems. They capture the heavy metals that fall on them, preventing them from washing downstream and accumulating inadvertently in the environment. In the void spaces, naturally occurring micro-organisms digest car oils, leaving little but carbon dioxide and water. The oil ceases to exist as a pollutant.

Permeable pavers give urban trees the rooting space they need to grow to full size. A "structural-soil" paver base combines structural aggregate with soil. A porous surface admits vital air and water to the rooting zone. This integrates healthy ecology and thriving cities, with the living tree canopy above, the city's traffic on the ground and living tree roots below.

Permeable pavers are an integral part of your sidewalk or roadway design to capture stormwater. Ask us about incorporating open cell drains and tanks for retention capacity, redirection or recycling. Your designs can exceed future environmental considerations that will be legislated as stress on fresh water supplies increases.

Permeable pavers are perfect for both residential and commercial uses. Give Desrosiers a call today if you are interested in doing your part to save the environment by installing permeable pavers.

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