Fireplace & Fire Pit
Is there anything more soothing than sitting around a fire on a cool night? Grownups and kids both love the appeal of an open fire. Many families have learned that once they install a fire pit, their backyard entertainment takes on a whole new dimension. There are numerous occasions for gathering around an open fire, and having your own backyard fire pit can add new possibilities to your outdoor enjoyment. Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows can turn an otherwise dull evening into a pleasant outdoor experience. Being together with friends and family can add a unique bond to the relationship.

For parties and other family celebrations with a fire pit backyard entertainment can last long after the sun goes down. One of the side benefits, often not mentioned, is that with the smoke from a wood fire burning in the fire pit, backyards remain relatively clear of flying biting insects. This can reduce the need for oily, often smelly bug sprays so often associated with outdoor entertaining.

One tendency of many folks with a fire pit, backyard trash should not be placed in it for burning. For some it is a natural tendency to take the paper plates and towels and drop them into the flaming pit. This can create a fire hazard with blowing, burning shards of paper billowing in the breeze. Landing on the roof of your house, or the neighbors, can ruin an otherwise perfect evening of entertainment. Call Desrosiers Interlocking Brick Paving, Inc to have your fire pit installed today.

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