Clean & Seal
Stone Veneer Pavers can last forever. But just like any material thing on this planet, they can go through the usual wear and tear. They will discolor, stain, crack, grow weeds, and even host a colony for ants. Do not blame the company that has installed the pavers, not even the manufacturer of the pieces. Blame it on the same thing that causes human to age. You can't do anything about that and can never prevent that from coming. But there is something you can do—clean and seal them.

What to Expect with a Clean & Seal?

Paver cleaning and paver sealing are actually underrated. These services rightfully deserve to be called "paver restoration" or better yet, "paver improvement." It will make the pavers look like newly installed whether it is in your driveway, patio, walkway or deck.

Stains will be treated, grout will be refilled, weeds and ant colonies will be removed, and the color will be restored. Imagine turning a completely unattractive surface into an elegant and beautiful surface once again. It will seem like there has been no five or more years that passed.

However, the clean and seal process must be done by the professionals. Doing it on your own might end up to unsatisfactory result or severe damages on the pavers.

Paver Cleaning

What separates a pro's job from the work of an amateur is the preparation. Desrosiers Interlocking Brick Paving, Inc knows that proper preparation is very important in paver cleaning. We don't just use a power hose to do this. We apply all the necessary services to completely prepare the surface for the sealing.

Stone Veneer The first step in paver cleaning is surveying the area so we'll know the exact treatment that it needs. Stain removal is one of the most common problems in old pavers. Leaves, metal, and oil are the worst at staining pavers. We use safe and effective stain remover product to ensure that even the deepest penetration of stain will be removed without causing harm to you, the paver, and the environment.

Weeds and ant colonies must be removed also either by hand or with the use of natural herbicide or insecticide. The grout must then be filled up with fine sand to keep them stabilized.

Paver Sealing

How about the color? Natural stones do not undergo a dramatic color change. But other pavers like concrete pavers and brick pavers may fade over time. Often, this is unnoticed because they were manufactured to hold the pigments and keep them in there. Paver sealing helps restore the original color while preventing it from further fading.

You will notice that paver sealing leaves a transparent coat on the surface that adds sheen to it. This sheen boosts the colors, making them stand out even better. At the same time, this seal protects the pigment from dirt, moisture, and traffic that can further damage the color.

We have been providing clean and seal services to property owners in Sarasota, Southgate, Kensington Park, The Meadows, Desoto Lakes, and the rest of Florida for the last 20 years. Our intensive experience sets us apart from other companies. We know that the quality of materials, devices, and craftsmanship will affect the final sealing effect as well as its longevity. That's why we always back up our work with guarantee to give you peace of mind. After all, we assure that the products we use and our staff can deliver the best clean and seal service in the whole state of Florida.

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